Your nomination will shine a light on the work of those fighting against the effects of corruption in their communities, and send a message to these heroic individuals and organizations that their work is being noticed and appreciated.

To ensure the maximum possible scope, and because we follow a strict third-party nomination policy, we ask involved institution around the world to help us find projects, initiatives and individuals who have committed time and effort to bringing corruption to an end, through various approaches. We welcome and consider all nominations within the qualifying terms and conditions for any award category.

Corruption, whether small-scale or on a systematic level, interrupts and prevents the rule of law from being exercised effectively. It is a major obstacle to effective governance and comes with great consequences affecting both public and private sectors negatively, resulting in failure to achieve development and effective public services. Such acts have a great impact on communities and entire societies, leaving them trustless in the rule of law, and vulnerable to exploitation and further corruption.

The act of taking advantage of certain power or authority for personal gain with disregard to the negative impact it has on the greater good of mankind, is not something to take lightly. When public servants and government officials abuse the trust placed in them, it may spark reactions that can either encourage others within the system to follow a similarly corrupt path and/or hinder committed individuals from effectively performing their duties. Such misconduct can create a butterfly effect, where a small and virtually meaningless act within a branch of a system can ignite a series of events that diverts overall progress away from its initial purpose, and lead to its failure.

On a broader scale, corruption compromises bureaucratic effectiveness, political development, and economic efficiency, terminating the collectiveness of a governing system and reversing its course of development.

The decision to limit nominations to third-party entities as nominators with no direct relationship to any of the nominees or entities involved in their evaluation and/or execution of the award is aligned with ROLACC’s mission, as it guarantees a fair and impartial opportunity to all potential candidates.

With your help, we can broaden our scope, by learning more about how people around the world are fighting to end corruption, and the effectiveness of the methods they have so far been using.

The reason we believe that all submissions are equally important, regardless of their chances of winning, is that a nomination alone serves as great recognition of the efforts made by the proposed nominee. When a project, research or individual is nominated and taken into consideration, it is an empowering push and acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication. By nominating, you are letting committed people know that their efforts have not gone unrecognized, and are highly appreciated and encouraged by millions of people around the world.

The war on corruption is not one-sided: every action counts, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, it can be a first step towards unlimited progress.